One way to heal your pain is to feel the pain….

Feel it so hard… So hard… That you come to that extent that you become as strong as an ox and pain itself relieves itself from itself and attains nirvana….

There was a time I was weak… I must tell you, by weak I literally mean very weak… that my eyes needed no reason to cry and heart needed no reason to ache…. These things ripped me so much that I used to feel trapped in something I could not get myself off…. I used to take things too seriously… Actually I used to create things so serious and severe… If I were not that kind, the things might have been easier… No doubt I am a huge thinker… I think like anything… I think anything like anything… So deep that most of the times I fail to explain the things even to myself… I get trapped by my own thoughts…

Everybody has problems in their lives… And everybody considers their problem a huge problem because what I realized in the past few years is, it is our attitude towards the problems that makes a problem a problem.

Things do happen !!! Bad things and good things both !!!

But what we usually do is, we don’t let the good things feel special… Instead we make the bad things feel that they are so special that we give them so much of priority and provide them that lime light by our attitude. We don’t feel happy to the extent, which actually any good thing deserves. Our attitude manipulates us and we say, it is not a big deal… We humans need good things to be big and huge so as to get that special feeling of being special… But a small problem gets so much of footage that it becomes big because of our attitude towards the problem. We cripple about any sort of problem, even if it is a very small problem. But we don’t get happy to the same extent to anything good that happens to us. We stay normal…

I have mostly observed that people have broadly three types of moods

— Happy

— Low/sad

— Normal

Even I have these three. But I wonder, why is the third type of mood that is being normal is most of the times inclined more towards the low/sad mood!!!
I tried getting the answers but I came up with only one thing… That is our attitude.

If we were so positive, the normal mood’s inclination would have been towards the happy side not the sad side. I must say, I have started ignoring my problems. Over thinking sometimes turn out to be like a chronic disease…. You go deep and deep and deep and you get struck up with all the confusions and imaginations and regrets and fantasies. You blur out your vision…

Yes we should think!!! Thinking is a good habit but over thinking is not!!!

There is a very fine line between the two…

But who decides that fine line???

What exactly is that fine line???

I will tell you… I have spent my days analyzing the criticality of this fine line…. Our attitude defines that fine line and vice versa. We limit our potential by getting engaged in the worthless job of over thinking, restricting our inner selves to explore our mysteries….. We are strangers to ourselves… We hardly know ourselves… We don’t solve our existing mysteries and we create new ones with the process of over thinking…

I usually ask myself… How well do I know myself..?? How loyal am I to my own conscience.. ?? How optimistic am I towards this life and this world..??

And trust me … I feel my each cell getting revived with every answer I get by exploring myself…

So do you explore yourself??? Do you explore your existence???

OakTeller: Aayushi Banotra