You have a glass of wine in your hand…

You are depressed. You are frustrated. You are okay.

When you feel the wine, Pain feels you!

You miss yourself. You get absolutely no idea about your existence. You feel you are alone. You have none beside you. You feel troubles have engulfed you. You feel life has murdered you out of you.

You are not you. But you feel you are at the most you.

You are not in the present. But you are in the present.

You are drunk. You don’t feel like you are drunk, but wine has conquered you. But you wanted to conquer world. You wanted to be the king. But you are depressed. You feel the pain. You feel the rush of gush in you. You are no more you. You feel all the loses. You feel that, you are good for nothing. You are filled with all the negative thoughts. None is there to hold your hand and wipe your tears, this is what you exactly feel.

You drink that last sip of your wine and you realize you are that moron who has absolutely done nothing literally, except dreaming and planning. You want to be big but matter of the fact is you are not. And this thing haunts you. You are invisible to the world. None sees your pain, none feels your tears.

You feel, why should anybody? Who are you? What exactly have you done to make anything big to make people feel your presence?

You know you are enough capable, you are made to achieve anything you aspire of. But you find no doors open. You find yourself, enclosed behind a door that has many doors within and you can’t actually find the keys to any. You need help. But you don’t exactly know what help you should ask for and to whom. What exactly will help you.

You are beyond the limits. Your aspirations are beyond the limit. Your talent is beyond the limit. You are beyond the beyond. But your actions are beyond you.

Why? Why? Why?

Because you feel helpless.

But why?

Because you don’t find anything beside.

But why?

The answer is…

You haven’t accepted yourself the way you are. You haven’t accepted the present and the scenarios which are actually happening with you. You are resistant. You are resistant to your own desires. You feel you know what you want. But you are not clear. You have not decided the path towards the eternal peace. You are into pieces to attain that peace. But you are not enough self-aware to realize the fact. You need to have self-realization. You need to have that self-awareness to bring the best out of you. To be the real you. 

They say,” When life gives you grape, make wine “