I am in the car, travelling back to my place from my office. World seems so dull to me.

Trees are lying down as if they have lost all the hope. No birds, no wind. Everything feels so still. Vehicles are struck in the jam. Those sharp red lights are disturbing my state of mind.

My state of mind, which is quite unstable at present. I am feeling trapped within my emotions. My emotions are sarcastic. I don’t exactly know what they actually want me to feel. I am all confused. I want to pen down all the juggled up mess in my brain. But I am not able to.

It happens with me a lot. I have plenty to write. I feel like writing. But the moment I hold my laptop or my pen, I don’t feel the same. I have been trying to write a book from past many years. And surprisingly, I have written millions of words but only in my mind. I fail to express each time I intend to write it physically. Right now I am under that turbulent force of emotions where I so want to write it out. But I am not. I want to speak my emotions out. I am frustrated. I want to set myself free.

But I am feeling trapped. I can feel the loss. Loss of happiness, loss of liveliness, and much more. I am feeling the heights of loneliness.

Right now, I want to sit on the top of a mountain with the bash of winds running through my body and healing my soul. Just this universe and me. I want to speak to this universe, these stars, these oceans, and this moon. I have many questions to ask.

I think you too have many questions to ask. Right?

I tell you, pen down your feelings. Write anything you want, any random thought that runs through your mind. Even if you don’t want to write or are not able to write like me….

You will be able to write something like me 🙂

And yes I am feeling better. A lot better.

I have no clue what all have I written. I haven’t even read it once. But trust me, it feels so light when you write anything.

So help yourself whatever the situation is, so that you can help others.