Who hasn’t seen failures in life?

Haven’t you?

Well, I have. And that too a lot.

I failed at almost every point in my life when I tried to explore myself and tried to learn a little more about me. I failed at everything I tried for at the first place at least once. Failures do bring depression and all the worst feelings that exists in this universe.

If I speak about me, I see my life full of failures. Because, I see things from a different level where I set my expectations beyond my capabilities sometimes. But I never judge my capabilities. Actually, I don’t want to. I want to be infinite. I want to feel it. And I want to explore and explode myself and my reaches. So, I need to widen up myself. I need to open myself up and embrace whatever comes on my way. For journey is always more crucial and exciting than the destination. As it teaches us a lot many things which we ever can’t imagine to learn on our own.

Journey to my failures taught me many things. I learnt to smile while crying, that too internally. What else can be a bigger achievement than this?

I restricted myself and my capabilities, before analyzing and feeling this journey.

Yes, attitude matters a lot. Vision matters the most. We need to create that vision to realize and feel that very positivity that lies within every negativity. We need to look for that other side of the coin to feel the beauty of every truth and lie that hides within.

Failures once had overruled me, engulfed all of me. But now, I rule my failures and I don’t let my failures to behave as failures anymore.

Yes, I learnt to accept. And with that acceptance, I learnt to deal with many things involved in turning my failures into my achievements.

The journey once used to be the terror of my life. But soon after I realized and explored the other side of it, it seemed to me one of the most beautiful things I ever felt.

The journey to look life with an infinite perspective. The journey towards acceptance.

I learnt to live… I learnt the meaning of this word…

And so did I learn to accept the brightness of failures, for they have the capability to ignite your inner self and vanish your limits eliminating the boundaries you once had set for yourself.

For you are infinite. You are limitless.