Those twinkling eyes…

How can I forget the spark that dragged me into your love?
Those eyes in which I love to drown.
Those eyes which make me realise my existence and my worth.

I still remember the day when I met your eyes for the first time.
Oh god! What a twinkling spark u had.

How you manage that, I wonder!

I was sitting on the first bench of the class. Ignoring the environment around forgetting all the bounds, I was looking outside the classroom in a hope that my eyes could meet your twinkling eyes.
I liked you. But I didn’t know that. Your eyes made me realise that. I don’t know what love is. But in your eyes I find that peace my heart lingers about. That cool breeze which was disturbing my state of wait by fleeing my hair on my face was actually a villain in the whole picture.
And I love that person who was teaching the whole class and didn’t bother to mess with my state of mind.

I put my head down on the bench. Waiting for you to come.
The bell rang. First lecture was over. And you didn’t come.
At first, I liked the feeling of waiting for you to come and see those twinkling eyes.
But the tring of the bell made an adrenaline rush throughout my body. My heart was losing the hope. And my eyes were losing their spark because they thought they wouldn’t see you for that day. I was sad. I was low. My eyes longed to see you, but you didn’t turn up. My level of excitement was at the top of some mountain and now it came beneath the sea.
I was as vast as an ocean and now I shrank like a raisin….

That was the moment I realised the importance of those twinkling eyes.

I lost all the hope of seeing you that day but I was still praying. Praying so hard that somehow I get a chance to have at least a glance of you. You made me realise at that point of time that how optimistic and hopeful I am.

Because of you I could explore that part of mine. Because of you I could explore many things about me.

I was praying and praying, looking at those dancing leaves who freed themselves from the trees and were happily enjoying the wind.

I was smiling and I didn’t know that the reason of my smile was, the twinkling eyes those were right in front of my eyes.
And that was the moment I had fallen for you. Because in those twinkling eyes I could see my prayers being answered and my heart being revived with that godly smile.

And that was the moment I found the best reason to smile.

OakTeller- Aayushi Banotra