This mixture of conflicting feelings and thoughts make my heart gasp with a rush of waves through the dark.

I am sitting in front of my laptop and there are more than the number of tabs opened on it than they can actually fit into the space.

Aah!!!! Space…..

What an absolute brilliant word it is. It makes me feel the “space” in the space. The infinity within the space. The infinite closure and the vast dynamics that juggles up within my soul.

I tell you, I am a very confused kind of person. I absolutely get lost around the loop.

But yes! I am absolutely a brilliant person as well. I get out of my thoughts so instantly.

You must be thinking what the shit I am speaking right now. You must not be finding any holds to my talks.

But I would like to give you a brisk of thought, that I mean something. I mean something that lies deep down your thoughts and your heart.

May be it’s not and may be it is.

So I was talking about those tabs which are on my laptop. So let me tell you their story.

They all are so different ranging from my office work to my deep down feelings.

You must be thinking, why am I telling you all this.

I have no reason actually.

I know I am talking shit. I am really making no sense. But how cool it is if we remain senseless. So one of the tabs amongst those is regarding this only.

How to become senseless emotionally?

So the moment I was typing it on my laptop I had million thoughts as to why am i searching such a crap. Why do I want to be senseless? There were numerous thoughts playing star wars inside my brain.

So I just searched what I said. And seriously I hate Google for the answers and suggestions it gave me.

I was not looking for those negative vibes. I already had many. So I tried myself getting the answer to my question.

I am not that emotionally sound. Nobody is actually. All do have that little something to crumble their heart. To get emotionless is equivalent to get dead. You can’t be dead though.

After thinking for so long I came up with just one answer to this question.


More and more you embrace the acceptance more and more it will embrace you. And eventually you will be comfortable with all of the monsters inside you. Because, you can actually make your monsters turn good and befriends with you.

Acceptance is a huge weapon to be used amongst all of your enemies that resides within you. Acceptance makes you abode in your comfort what may ever be the situation. Once you are friends with acceptance, you will want to be in all of your senses all the time so that you can actually feel the mystery of thoughts and emotions that incubate within yourself.

I am trying to be friends with acceptance.

Are you???

Oakteller: Aayushi Banotra