On this amazing day, i feel like bringing out the child in me. I feel like giving my heart to all the beautiful souls around. Because,the child in me is a free soul free from all fouls.

The child in me can speak the heart out, whereas the adult in me can not.

Though i don’t fear society, but society fears the surroundings by making their lame judgments.

But the child in me always reminds me about the beauty of life and how vast life is only if i am open to receive its vastness. Ironically, Life is too short! We are totally unaware of the next moment.


So let’s celebrate this moment and make the positive out of negative by making the child within ourselves speak out its heart.

Lets speak to ourselves. Let’s tell the world our short story. Lets share our stories. May be we all can help each other by motivating in a way or other.

Because there hides a poet within. Ask the child within. He might introduce the poet to you 😉

So let’s be a child and share our hearts ❤

So let’s tell our stories here with OakTales and spread a word of love and motivation.

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