Writer- Someone who puts out his soul on paper through words to make a deep connection with the readers to bring out the deprived emotions that become hard to explain and understand otherwise.

I am not a very great writer. I am just exploring this side because I feel connected to myself whenever I write. I write it for me in a hope that it might help somebody somehow.

I am continuously working towards brushing up my skills. And I believe, whenever a person tries to work upon something he needs motivation. Small inconsiderable gestures means a lot. Even a single view on your post means like a shining star that makes your way bright by motivating you.

Few days back I just tried entering to a different genre, it was “academic writing”. To be honest, besides having the motive to learn and explore, this time I had a motive to earn few extra bucks. But that too is a motivation I believe- monetary motivation I would call it.

Though I never had any idea about what academic writing is, but I positively took it as a challenge and made it an opportunity. I came across one of my clients who promised to help me throughout my work till the time I find my niche. My first assignment was okay. Although I had spent a complete night in analyzing two movies that too from 90s, of which I had no clue about and then gave a comparative report.

I got motivated after its completion and off course with those extra bucks that I earned apart from my regular 9 to 6 job.

I realized that nothing is hard. I already was aware of the fact that nothing is impossible. But it made me realize that nothing is that hard to stop you to initiate things.

I got my second assignment. It was a comparative analysis of 2 papers by god knows which foreign author. I had to write an 8 page thesis over it. But I somehow managed doing that. And in the response I got “Good Job”. I was more comfortable with this matter now.

Then I got my third assignment, in which I was expected to analyze 5 papers of an average of 25 plus pages each, out of the given 10 articles. And then had to write a comparative analysis considering all the Ifs and buts as mentioned, in 1800 words.

I took it as a challenge and thought of the process as to when and how to start.

But somehow that deal got closed and I got off with that client and that was a very demotivating part. There were some issues with the payment. He was expecting me to work with the same rate for the articles in which I need to analyze 10 articles and for the articles in which I need to analyze may be nothing. I called off to that deal.

I got so demotivated that I cried that night. Because that client of mine called me an idiot, that too just because I asked him to reconsider his rates. He even said that am not capable enough that is why I am asking for it, whereas, I found no relevance in both the things.

God knows what was so idiotic in that.

That night was a bad night I must say. Because I could feel that people around are different. You come across different varieties. No matter how pure your intentions are, how genuine you are or may be how wrong you are. There will be that one slot of people who will always be there to judge you and above that will impose their judgments on you.

People who Judge should be called Judges. Not the man who sits in the courtroom 😉

Even if you are innocently expecting a simple explanation for a particular situation or may be a thing, that slot will hurt you by pulling down your moral. And in the midst of all this, no matter how much positive or strong you are, there are times you get dragged to the ditch where you feel those words to be true.

You start doubting yourself for a moment.

But that shouldn’t be the thing. One should not.

The next morning I woke up from my 1 hour sleep and analyzed the situation, I realized the importance of these things in life.

These things teach us a lesson.It gave me a chance to look at the loopholes from my side if any.

That client howsoever he was, gave me an opportunity to explore this side of mine and introduced me to the Academic writing thing.

Soon I realized that every coin has three faces…

One- What the other person feels, his perspective and his perception

Two- What do I receive out of it. How do I take it.

Third- The most beautiful face-The Reality.

That everything is right. Nothing is wrong. Because everything that happens in life leaves behind a lesson and things that were never ever explored. Even black has white in it.

And that was the time when I chose the third face and realized it as one of the best experiences I ever had.

I was capable enough to differentiate and recognize the three faces of a coin..

And all thanks to that man who called me an Idiot 🙂


OakTeller: Aayushi Banotra