So this is something, i had written 6 years back. Was just scrolling down through my past writings and realized how that phase made me explore few of the things, which has somehow become most of the things in me at present.

Unlike the children around me, unlike the teens around me, i was in the phase of darkness and despair. Peace was something which my heart, body and soul strived for all the time. And in the process of achieving the vastness within me, i realized that peace is something which can’t be ever achieved, but practiced! It is an art that needs to be practiced and embraced regularly till the time it becomes your habit.

It is an unquenchable thirst for which one strives forever, because life is not a bed of roses. But you ought to make your bed full of roses. You need to practice it in such a manner that peace itself comes to you !

Is it necessary that one has to be ironic and sarcastic in what he feels???

Because all those wounds can’t be healed.

There is a vast ocean of pain.

Which leads to no gain.

Is that just a mere thought?

Or is it the outcome of all the things he has fought?

That adrenaline rush pushes the heart out.

And the screams become more loud, loud and loud.

Soul needs the peace.

But that seems to be out of the reach.

Dark days and nights.

All those things with which he fights.

That intolerable trauma.

In search of that aroma.

The heart stops to beat.

With those trembling feet.

In search of the peace,

Peace and peace!



Oak Teller: Aayushi Banotra