I usually talk to the wind chimes, I have in my room.

I never figured out the reason of such a deep attraction and connection. But all I know is, they make me feel alright. They make me feel the peace, which nothing and nobody can introduce me to.

I am even in love with its shadow. Because, it makes me feel the hidden face of the reality away from this prospective world.

I sometimes become my own enemy. In fact, most of the times. And you know what the hardest fact to accept is? That you are the reason of your own miseries. You even after accepting this fact, become your own enemy by strangling yourself to the confusions and your crazy thoughts.

I usually don’t write.

 But to be honest, I just felt like writing on this blog. Felt like home after coming here. Though, it has a very small audience, a very small eye to catch upon. But I am least bothered about the fact that people read this. Because, all I know is I am being listened by my wind chime and the owner of this blog. I know there are people out there, who are like me and unlike me. People who feel scared just by being themselves sometimes. They forget the very who they are in the process of becoming what they think they should be.

I am a very confused type of personality. I am with my thoughts and emotions and at the same time I am in conflict with them. Sometimes I really wonder, who I am.

And all that comes in my mind is “What the F##k!!!”

Because, I just can’t understand the possibilities I can have to come out of that state of mind. And that is the time, those wind chimes play their role.

I just stare at them without making any effort to blink my eyes. Because, they don’t let me do that. They take me to their sweet indifferent tunes with the wave of the wind that surpass my entire body and touches my soul.

I get back to myself. Whosoever I am, whatsoever I am. I become just me. I interact with me. My true self. No matter, people like me or not, no matter the other me likes me or not, my wind chimes make me like that “me”.

And when I open my already closed eyes, I find those wind chimes to be me. I understand the wind chimes and I understand me.

Do you talk to your wind chimes?

OakTeller: Numaira Hassan