Peace- An unquenchable thirst !

So this is something, i had written 6 years back. Was just scrolling down through my past writings and realized how that phase made me explore few of the things, which has somehow become most of the things in me... Continue Reading →

Chest Pain !

I hope the time is right, I hope the feel is alive. I hope you still aspire, I hope we are still alive. This life, that life, this moment, every moment we have been for enough, now it's the time... Continue Reading →

You are Poison to my <3

Where do i start, where do i end? All i want to hear is sound of my silence. I think, i am losing my mind now In the amid of all I lost my path now. Running out of time... Continue Reading →

Man who called me an Idiot !

Writer- Someone who puts out his soul on paper through words to make a deep connection with the readers to bring out the deprived emotions that become hard to explain and understand otherwise. I am not a very great writer. I... Continue Reading →

‘World Poetry Day’- Let’s share our heart!

On this amazing day, i feel like bringing out the child in me. I feel like giving my heart to all the beautiful souls around. Because,the child in me is a free soul free from all fouls. The child in... Continue Reading →

A Closed Diary…

I wonder sometimes, what life is? Where am I? Who I am? What am I up to? What am I doing with my life? I seriously can't forget that moment, when I saw the death so close to me. She... Continue Reading →


  I indulged in a no vain temptation But now I know I had fallen into a hallucination How come it wasn't what I thought it was Was it, too good to be true & for that I could blame... Continue Reading →

How to become senseless emotionally?

This mixture of conflicting feelings and thoughts make my heart gasp with a rush of waves through the dark. I am sitting in front of my laptop and there are more than the number of tabs opened on it than... Continue Reading →

Those Twinkling Eyes.

Those twinkling eyes... How can I forget the spark that dragged me into your love? Those eyes in which I love to drown. Those eyes which make me realise my existence and my worth. I still remember the day when... Continue Reading →

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