That Orphic Night

When I saw the movie inception, I was least aware of that fact and least could I imagine that such a concept could exist in reality.But when I was in that moment, I could really feel all my imaginations having an existence.

That night was just like other nights.Thunder.Storm.Rain.

After all its monsoon, that too Mumbai’s monsoon!

It’s been two months that I have shifted from north. And I got to know that Mumbai is still to be blessed with rain for another 3 months. But this blessing doesn’t seem a blessing to me at least. Yes, I like rain.It reminds me of me. What can be better than that!

But I don’t like such a kind of rain in which you desire and wish to have at least a single glance of the dry roads, dogs roaming in the streets, clear sky with moon and millions of stars and off course the sunlight.

So due to the climate change, I had caught a viral, so I went off to sleep early that night. While I was sleeping, I could feel something around. Something unusual. But as I was on medication, I blamed that. I kept on neglecting that feeling with a feeling that I might be wrong till the time I went off to sleep and something interesting happened in my dreams.

I was along with two friends of mine standing on a pathway. When I could feel some paranormal things around me. They were all blur and soon I realised it was only me who could see them. They were like some clouds or I can say some smoke. As soon as I touched the one, I got a trip. A trip like I have read and heard you get after you consume weed. My brain was revolving and rotating and when I got my senses back, I was in another world. I was somewhere in the midst of a very lush green field. I realised that the clock had reversed like around million times and I was a few centuries back.

I was along with three men. They made me walk along with them and we reached to a veranda of a mud house. I could see other men having hookah and chit chatting sitting under a very old tree. The man standing nearest to me had a good personality with glasses on and big curled moustache. I wasn’t able to make out what was actually happening. I asked the man with the curled moustache that who he is and who the other two men are. His reply almost gave me another trip. He said they were my ancestors.

He explained it something like, he is a father of my father’s… father’s… father’s… father’s… on … I don’t know how many times he used the word father. I was all confused about the situation I was in. Then he took me near a wall that was made of some substance which I am not aware of. I just know that it looked like a mixture of some metal and mud and wood.

There were hanging some photo frames. I was astonished to see those photographs. He took one of the photographs and asked me to see that. It was a man dressed like some army official, though it was something else but that was all I could come up with because he had a riffle in his hands in the picture.

 He asked me, “Do you know who is in the picture?” I said, “No, but I guess it’s you!”

He replied, “It was supposed to be me, but it is my brother who is standing next to me now”.

That was the moment I realised those two men were brothers who claimed to be my ancestors. The man with moustache said that his brother betrayed him and stole his riffle and got a photograph clicked. And then he was smiling. I was all consumed by the word ‘betrayed’ and I couldn’t analyse what was going on. On one side, he said that his brother betrayed him and on another side they both were standing together and laughing.

And suddenly I got a strong headache. I held my head and sat down on the floor. And the moment I held my head up, I was in my room where it all had begun…

I went to the kitchen and had some water and I went out to the balcony to get some fresh air. It was dark outside and it was still raining. I was looking in the dark sky and was trying analysing the episode that just happened and the reason behind that. Suddenly I heard someone whispering from the hall of my apartment. I thought it were my flatmates. I thought of going to them and chilling down. I closed the door of the balcony and as I turned my back, I could see those two men sitting on the couch.

I was all frightened. They were dressed in that very attire that I saw on the photo frame. And they had a riffle. The man with the moustache had a glass of wine in one hand and a riffle in another with his legs up on the table. And they were watching TV.

They hadn’t notice me till the time they could hear me breathing heavily. I was like choked, not because I fear spirits or any paranormal activity. But because, my brain was all messed up with the incidents that were happening from the past I don’t know how many hours. Another man was sitting next to that man holding the riffle.

And he turned back looking at me and said laughing, “Oh! U are here. We thought u went out in the fields to explore some greenery”. I had nothing to say. I was all mum and dumbstruck. He called me near and asked me to have a seat on the couch.

 As soon as I sat on the couch, the couch started flying making a way out of the window. It was raining. I was all drenched in rain. My mind was all messed up with the whole scenario and those two gentlemen were busy talking and laughing. Soon I realised the rain couldn’t touch them and they were asking one another that how they were looking.

I interrupted asking,” Can I please know what’s happening? Where are we going? Why is this happening?” I had so many questions running in my mind, that I felt like a question myself. I was doubting my existence. For a while, I felt like I was dead and am in the world after death. But I couldn’t come up with any answers. They bypassed all my questions with a strange look and a sarcastic laughter.

Then we reached to a ground that was all dry and brown except a part where there was only one big oak tree and a man with a stand and some instrument on it. Those two gentlemen took me out of that couch that was mine and had a special feature of flying like an air-plane which I was not aware of before the moment I could experience that flight. We went near that oak tree where that another man was waiting for us. I was asked to sit under the tree. And the other two gentlemen who claimed to be my ancestors were busy doing their photo-shoot. The man with the moustache asked me to take care of the riffle till the time the both brothers were having a photo-shoot together.

I was busy analysing the beauty of that long golden riffle, when I heard the sound of a bullet coming out of that thing. The sound was so loud that I had almost lost all my senses. But I had enough senses to realise that the riffle was no-more in my hands, it was in the hands of one of the man who travelled with me. And the man with the moustache was lying down on the ground with no blood no pain. And the man with the stand and that camera kind of thing was all disappeared.

Suddenly all the characters of the story disappeared and it was just me sitting under that oak tree in a state of shock. I somehow recollected my strength and realised that I had to get out of that place. I started looking around when suddenly I saw an eagle coming so fast that it hit my eye and I couldn’t escape. I had such a strong pain in my eyes like my eyes were taken out. I went on rubbing my eyes and I dint realise when I had fallen to sleep or I guess I was fainted.

It was only that moment when I regained my senses when my friend kept her hand on my head and I woke up and realised that I had slept on my bench and my boss was like asking to everybody around what is so wrong with this girl. I had no answer. I was in some other world which I wasn’t able to realise. I went on with my daily office task with no mental presence. Then it was 6:00 PM and I thought of leaving for the day. I boarded the bus towards my home. There were hardly 10 people sitting in the bus and it was raining like other days. I could feel something around again… And I was so frustrated with that feeling because I was unsuccessful in making anything out of that.

I started crying so hard, so hard till the time my clock rang its alarm.

And it was 6:00 Am !!!

OakTeller: Aayushi Banotra